So you’ve recently purchased a Dog Collar from BuyOut. Congratulations on your good taste. Now you just need to know how to take care of your new purchase and how to train your furry friend.

Training Tips
Before trying the steps below, you need to find the type of stimulation (shock, vibration, or tone) and the intensity level that grabs your dog's attention. Begin on tone and if you can't get his attention with tone, switch to vibration and start at the lowest level, moving up until he reacts. If vibration still doesn't grab their attention, move onto static shock and move through the levels until he reacts. The type of reaction you're looking for is lowering of the dog's head, an ear twitch or attentive focus, not yelping. Once you've found the level your dog reacts to, its time to begin training!
Reinforcing an Already-Learned Behavior ("Sit", "Come", "Stay"). 
Teach your dog the "sit", "stay", or "come" command using conventional training methods.
Once you are absolutely sure your dog understands what the command means, start with the collar. (Use the type of stimulation and intensity level that you found using the method above)
Say a command, ensure it’s a command the dog is familiar with, such as sit or stay and await your dog’s response.
If he/she ignores the command or isn’t paying attention to you, activate the button on your remote transmitter to send stimulation to the dog and then repeat the command.
Once he/she responds, praise your dog thoroughly, with a simple “good dog.”
Correct Unwanted Behaviors (Digging, Jumping up, Barking, etc.)
Use the type of stimulation and intensity level that you found using the method above.
Let your dog enter the environment where he likes to bark, dig, jump up and watch the dog without them knowing.
Press the stimulation immediately once the dog begins the unwanted behavior (faster the reaction the better)
If your dog ignores the stimulation, raise the intensity level by one.
Continue the training process until your dog has gone for three days without trying the unwanted behavior.
Hope this helps getting you started and once again, please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any issues with your purchase. We're here to help!​